Business Documents

Today - many companies provide document image conversion. They range from microfilm houses, systems integrators, to copier and printer sales companies. Though paper conversion is considerably easier than other conversions - it is not something to be taken lightly. As with all conversions, it is essential to choose the right partner. We have been providing conversion services from all types of mediums for over 12 years and have a solid track record. Too many customers look only at price - and do not consider quality, experience and innovation. Paper conversion is not simply a commodity service and should not be approached as such.

Additionally we offer on-site conversion with ScanMobiles . They furnish conversion staff and equipment at customer facilities when source documents cannot leave the customer's site.

We provide the following Paper Conversion Services:

Document and indexing analysis
Document prep
Scanning (200 - 300 dpi) single or multi page tiff
Conversion to pdf
Document indexing
Deskew and despekle
FileNET Platter writing


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