Media to Media
International Imaging Inc. (II) is a conversion services company with over 12 years of experience. We have been pioneers in this business and have extensive experience and expertise in high-volume, high profile media conversions, having completed numerous on-time, successful projects.

We have a unique set of proprietary software and hardware tools and procedures developed and consistently updated to optimize production conversion processes. These tools and procedures were specifically developed for media to media conversion and give us a significant advantage in performing these jobs correctly and on-time.

We provide the following services:

Optical Disk Conversion (Converting image and COLD data) 
Optical Disk Copying Optical Disk Consolidation (Migrating from one size/type platters to another) 
Optical Disk to CD-ROM Conversion 
Conversion from Tape to CD-ROM
FileNET Platter writing (with Tranlog)
We work with the following types of Source Media:  - make the same format as the other header.
Optical: 5 1/4, 12, and 14 inch.
Tape: 4mm, 8mm, DLT, 9 Track, CD-ROM
Magnetic Storage Devises
We have experience with the following IDOM Systems: (Source)
Filenet            Watermark        Optika            Eastman          
Unisys Keyfile OTG Docware
Viewstar WANG Metafile File Magic
Canofile Lanier ImagePlus Visual Info
Adative AV TREEV Others
We have Converted Images for:
FileNET            Watermark          Onbase           Eastman       
Unisys Documentum OTG Viewstar
Metafile LaserFiche IntraDoc TREEV
Proprietary System
(using Tiff/pdf and ASCII)

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