Many customers are realizing the benefits of imaging and want to migrate Microfiche libraries to digital images. This conversion can be very difficult, as microfiche was never created with imaging in mind. We have been doing Microfiche conversion since 1989 and can successfully assist your customers in making this transformation.

We provide the following Microfiche Conversion Services:

Scan from 200 to 400 dpi (Single or multi-page tiff)
Crop, deskew and despeckle
Document Assembly
Convert to pdf
Index from documents or title bar
Create FileNET Platters

We have worked with the following types of Fiche:
AB Dick
COM (up-to 420 images per fiche)
 Jacketed (16 and 35mm)
Step and Repeat
Mixed Polarities


If you are interested in learning more about these services please click here to contact our sales department.