Legacy Microfilm libraries are being phased out and replaced with newer and faster technology. If you are using an old CAR system or if you just have a historical archive of film - film conversion is good mechanism to further enhance the ROI on your IDOM system. As film gets old and begins to deteriorate - image preservation becomes critically important. Along with aging - film becomes scratched, torn or simply worn out from use - capturing these images electronically preserves their value.

Not only does film conversion preserve legacy information it provides an opportunity to increase customer service, reduce costs and become more competitive. We have performed conversion on all types of film for a wide range of customer applications.

We provide the following Microfilm Conversion Services:

Scan from 200 to 400 dpi (Single or multi-page tiff)
Crop, deskew and despeckle
Document Assembly
Convert to pdf
Index from documents or title bar
Create FileNET Platters

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